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Frequently Asked Questions
Does my homeowner insurance policy cover flooding?
No. Flood damage is not covered.

Can I purchase Flood Insurance?
You must live in a community that participates in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) to qualify for National Flood Insurance. Call us at 800.336.9377 for further explanation or request a quote online. FloodInsuranceinFlorida.com is the go to source for everything related to Flood Insurance in Florida.

If I rent a property would Flood Insurance still be available?
You can get flood insurance to cover the contents of your home or business if you live in a community that participates in the NFIP.

Do I need flood insurance if I live in a low-risk flood zone?
If you live in a low risk or moderate area it’s a good idea to buy flood insurance. Believe it or not about 25% of flood insurance claims come from areas with low-to-moderate flood risk.

My home is in a high risk area. When my home was damaged in a flood, I received disaster assistance. Would I still need to purchase flood insurance?
Yes. If you have received disaster assistance in the form of a federal grant or loan, you must cover the building for flood insurance for as long as you own it. Should you sell the building, you are required to inform the new owner of the necessity to purchase and maintain flood insurance. Failure to carry flood insurance could result in the denial of future federal disaster assistance. Call us at 800.336.9377 if you have any questions.

My community never floods so why should I buy Flood Insurance?
Flooding occurs in low-to-moderate risk areas as well as in high-risk areas as stated above. Poor drainage systems, accumulation of rainfall, & broken water mains can all result in flood.

Why would my mortgage lender require me to purchase flood insurance?
Due to federal law the purchase of flood insurance is required for all federally related financial assistance for the acquisition and/or construction of buildings in high-risk flood zones. If the property is in a low-to-moderate risk area, federal law does not require flood insurance; however, it is highly recommended since about one-in-four flood claims come from these areas.

Is there an inexpensive policy for homes in low to moderate risk areas?
Yes at Flood Insurance in Florida we have policies for as little as $139 per year.

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Home      About Us      Why We Are #1 in Florida      Why is Flood Insurance Important      Flood Facts      FAQ      Contact Us